Nyaman Gallery

Opened in February 14th – 2015, Nyaman Gallery represents both local and international artists, all carefully selected and uniquely talented.

The gallery understands that art does not necessarily get along with quickness. Time and patience are needed to nurture creative growth and progress. And only by this way we can truly see the hidden gem of an artistic mind. Carrying this consciousness, the gallery sustains an exclusive, familial long term relationship with its artists.

‘Nyaman’ means cozy or comfortable in Indonesian. It is the axis of the gallery, the feel irradiated to the audience the moment they step in the space. The gallery believes that art is literally in everything, in every detail. To be able to see and enjoy it, one needs to be in a centered and easeful state, for he/she will need to be aware of his/her surroundings.  Therefore, one needs to feel “nyaman”. Feeling comfortable also will help the audience to accept the intrigues and strong impacts the art often projects.

Nyaman Gallery combines modern and traditional vibes, exhibiting an eclectic range of artworks: from street art and urban photography to traditional sculptures, from enchanting glass works to homemade silver jewelries.

Nyaman Gallery also provides consulting in scenography and interior design.