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Nyaman Villas Bali

The story behind Nyaman Villas: the will to reach total comfort and privacy in Seminyak

The Emergence of a marvelous concept: luxury Bali villas through the vision of a renowned interior designer

During their first foray into Bali, French interior architect and GLA Hotels established a partnership to build and market the new Nyaman Villas, an extraordinary development of 4 four-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom villas, located deep in the sophisticated and upscale enclave of Seminyak. Designer and inspiration for this stunning new project in which he worked in collaboration with Grace Leo from GLA Hotels. His approach in designing houses is to conceptualize the product that will match the customer’s style, fully understanding that they demand only the very best in taste and sophistication.

Stephan has a distinguished career as an interior architect and has worked on a large number of projects in France for many high profile members from the worlds of entertainment, business and politics. “I love to deliver elegance, sobriety and generosity in my designs”, Stephan says. “With Villa Nyaman I think we have achieved this. The living spaces, gardens and bedrooms have all been designed to provide not only style and space, but also to create a feeling of Balinese spirit in the heart of Seminyak”. Like many high-end villas in Bali, Nyaman Villas have been beautifully built according to the highest international standards with state of the art fixtures and fittings. But what really sets these villas apart from the others is a design that offers generous spaces for comfortable living in a superb central location combined with exceptional management and service that comes from its partnership with GLA Hotels and their team of highly qualified professionals.
As well as knowing hotel management inside and out he is also a professional trainer who trains with military precision. “Training never stops” Stephan claims. “80 percent of it is motivation. It is being with the staff and showing them how it is done every day so it becomes a second nature”.
Villas Nyaman‘s success is a result of a combination between of its brilliant design, exceptional services and marketing. It naturally comes from the design of a dedicated and passionate interior architect who feels his clients’ needs and wants, the exceptional standards of services that can only come from an experienced international hotel company such as GLA, and the sales expertise of Exotiq Real Estate. “I believe that our partnership, our combined experience and the concept for Nyaman itself will make our customers very happy” Stephan says. “Not only by being a great investment but also by providing a great holiday experience that will never fail to meet the dreams of our clients”.

The best location in the chic district of Oberoi, Seminyak

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Location of Nyaman Villas in Seminyak, Bali

From the center of Seminyak, a road bounded by splendid palm trees leads out towards the residential district close to the well-known Oberoi Hotel.
In this privileged setting, one passes a guardhouse and then enters into a wooded driveway leading to the luxurious Nyaman villas. The central feature is an open-air lobby, just like a hotel, from which paths lead to the various villas. On the right side of the lobby a wide pathway bordered by palm trees, elegantly lit by night, takes the guest to the villas. Finally, walking on a stepping-stones path over the water allow guest to access to the lobby.


Perjuangan boat komodo diving and cruise-liveaboard indonesia-amazing landscape in Komodo National Park

Live a lifetime experience aboard our traditional cruise ship in the Komodo National Park

The cruise boat Perjuangan can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers on board. Our tailored liveaboard cruises in Komodo offer the unique opportunity to select and do your favorite activities in the most beautiful waters of Indonesia: free diving, snorkeling, diving… You will be navigated through the famous Komodo National Park, in the Lesser Sunda Islands, a gorgeous Indonesian archipelago which draws its beauty from the exceptional fauna and flora that it hosts. Aboard of this traditional Indonesian boat, you will discover unforgettable places through the amazing landscapes of the Island of Komodo, thanks to an authentic and fascinating cruise. With a multitude of white sandy beaches and heavenly clear blue water, the Komodo Island is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable holiday. Sailing across the Komodo and Rinca islands, the only place in the world where you can find the famous dragon of Komodo, the Perjuangan boat will give you the chance to discover a single and gorgeous World Heritage, which has kept its nature and authenticity untouched.

Bali Villas for rent – Villas Chocolat Bali

Nyaman Group Indonesia-Best Bali Villas for rent-Villa Chocolat Seminyak Bali

Bali villas rental: 2, 5, 6 and 8 bedroom villas in Seminyak

The villas Chocolat are ideally nestled in the chic district of Oberoi, in the center of the vibrant city of Seminyak, walking distance to some of the avant-garde designers’ boutiques, stylish restaurants, less than 400 m from the sea and only 300 m from the famous KuDeTa. This luxurious villas complex offers a variety of villas with a refined architecture designed and built by a experienced French interior designer/architect who focused on optimizing all living areas, gracefully setting 2, 5, 6 and 8 bedroom villas. Each villa has its own swimming pool, fish pond, gardens, patio, bar, fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living / dining area. These gorgeous Bali villas offer a striking daily sunset from the upstairs bedrooms. The amazing private swimming pools are surrounded by a huge garden with sun loungers to relax. The interior decor is a mix of sober style and timelessness with a purified line of furniture built with local and noble materials such as sonoklin wood and stone carving. Feel free to contact us for any question and for special deals!!

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