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Nyaman Group Indonesia-Bali villas for rent-amazing 4 bedroom villas in Seminyak

Enjoy a high end holiday in our amazing Nyaman Villas in Seminyak

Taste and comfort to meet your every need: a luxury villa in Bali with tailor made services

The quality of service Stephan and Melvine expect for Nyaman Villas is based on five star class standards with a personal comfortable style. A 5 star service is a personal experience and this service should be a calm situation, not a relaxed one. A butler in charge of a situation is a very calm person and the service shows through that. “The butler in Nyaman will be a fully trained professional butler”‚ Stephan explains. “He will be the one who welcome you and takes care of you for the entire time you stay at the villa. He will be assisted by a team of people who will work take care of housekeeping, gardening, etc. He will be on-line, on the phone, at your beck and call, making all the arrangements and doing what a proper butler should do to make you happy.



Begin by selecting the city where you want to plan your Bali holiday

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Great comments from our passengers

Nyaman Group - Perjuangan cruise boat - comments from guests

Enjoy our diving cruises in Komodo and be the next passenger to leave us an amazing comment!

The great quality of our services, the natural beauty of the site and the comfort of our cruise boat has always provided our passengers with unforgettable memories. Since our first cruise, they have always been very satisfied with what we offered them: a great accommodation, delicious meals from our onboard chef, water-based activities and of course, the perfect place to spend the holiday of their lives.

Invest in Indonesia – Flores Island

Nyaman Group Indonesia-Real Estate Flores-Invest in Flores island Indonesia

Real Estate Flores, invest in Indonesia: the 4 documents drawn up at the Notary

There are four required documents:
-the first one establishes that the foreigner gives money to the Indonesian name holder to buy land and property and the Indonesian gives this land and property to the foreigner to use it, on his own free will. The document also describes that the name holder grants the foreigner permission to sell, to rent it out or to rebuild the house or property. It states that the agreement, if necessary, transfers automatically to the legal heirs, from both the foreigner and the name holder. It states that all of the property costs (electricity, water and taxes) have to be paid by the foreigner. The official ‘Sertipikat’ will be in the foreigners possession as well as the statement of cession, signed by the name holder. It is only with this ‘Sertipikat Hak Milik’ that it is possible to sell the land.
-in the 2nd document the property’s selling is granted to the foreigner. The name holder gives his explicit permission to do so.
-in the 3rd document the name holder gives permission to rent out the house or property.
-the 4th document commits the name holder to co-operate, if the time ever comes that foreigners can own land and property in Indonesia, in making the foreigner being the new name holder on the ‘Sertipikat’.
In case the law changes in the disadvantage of foreigners, the name holder will co-operate in changing the agreement into a lease-contract of 50 years with option for another term.

Buy a land on Flores Island – Invest in Indonesia

Nyaman Group Indonesia-Real Estate Flores-Land for sale in Flores island Indonesia

Invest in Indonesia: how choose the right Indonesian partner?

You must select the right person to “own” your property or land. This may take some time and asking around. Talk with foreigners in your area and take your time. Properties can be owned by companies, such as a PT or a PMA. A PT is an Indonesian “Limited” and a PMA is a foreign Investment company, which can be owned 100% by foreigners. The PMA property license has to be renewed every 20 or 30 years. Setting up a PT costs about 7 to 10 million rp and a PMA around 35 million rp.

About Nyaman Group

Nyaman Group Indonesia


Nyaman Group, a major player in the Balinese tourism

With the renowned Nyaman Villas, Villas Chocolat located in the district of Oberoi, Seminyak, and Gorgeous Villas Bali, a villa rental agency with almost 500 referenced villas situated all over the mystical island of Bali, Nyaman Group became a strong company in tourism industry.

Nyaman Group also operates on the sea with its traditional Indonesian boat named Perjuangan which offers private cruises. It navigates in the heart of the Komodo National Park, a jewel of the Indonesian archipelago and UNESCO World Heritage. Nyaman Group also owns the largest Indonesian fleet with nearly 100 cruise ships sailing on the Indonesian paradise waters.

Finally, Nyaman Group also possesses its own boutique selling prêt-à-porter for women as well as a brand new art gallery, both located in the heart of Seminyak, upscale destination on the Island of the Gods.


Nyaman Group-package-luxury-villa-Bali-and-cruising-ship-in-komodo-national-park

By the land: Nyaman Villas and Villas Chocolat are located in the district of Seminyak, Oberoi, on the southwest coast of Bali, 20 minutes drive from Denpasar International Airport. The properties offer a refined architecture designed and built by the well-established interior designer/architect. The villas sit only a short walk to all the best boutiques and restaurants of the island, and just 400 meters to the diamond like black-sand beach of Seminyak, next to the KuDeTa.

By the sea: Perjuangan cruise boat has been designed to offer a peaceful and quiet retreat in the Komodo National Park, a different experience from a stay in a villa while maintaining the same standards and services. The boat is 21 meters long and 4.5 meters large, and the wide decks are perfect to relax while contemplating the amazing panoramas that offers this natural reserve. This luxurious cruise gives also the opportunity to meet the famous Komodo dragon, the last survivor of the Prehistory.

How Much

Nyaman - How much

Stay tuned!!!
Nyaman Group explains the ABCs of travel from bow to stern and alerts you about amazing offers at the right time. But remember, we do not share all the opportunities we can find: we only stick to the best places at the best time of the year, which we always carefully select. “Perks and deals” of all kinds had better watch out: NYAMAN GROUP KNOWS HOW MUCH IT IS WORTH!



Nyaman Group Indoensia - Diving Cruise Indonesia - amazing cruise and diving boats

We offer you a large choice of diving cruise boats to spend a perfect holiday across the waters of Indonesia

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Diving-cruise-Indonesia.com has only selected experienced cruise boats to ensure you an unforgettable cruise. Each boat offers different activities during the liveaboard such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, free diving, tow surfing or jet skiing. On board, you will also be able to watch some DVDs, read a book on the deck, have a massage, sing karaoke or spend some good time chatting on the sun-deck with your family or your friends. Whether you are a diver or not, you will enjoy every minute of your stay aboard our luxurious Indonesian cruise boats. Contact Diving-cruise-Indonesia.com and get the best deal for your next liveaboard in the blue waters of Indonesia.

Nyaman Boutique Bali

Nyaman Group-Nyaman boutique in Seminyak
Nyaman Group – Nyaman boutique in Seminyak – Bali

It was very spontaneously and in the line of the Nyaman Villas that Melvine recently opened the Nyaman Boutique in which she displays her clothing line, leather goods and jewelry.
Melvine, passionate about interior design, has decorated it entirely. She has also been assisted by the Indonesian painter Fauzi who produced a fresco on the ground depicting a hot air balloon floating in the air – an artwork that every customer takes a picture of! By using the values of the Nyaman brand – serenity and harmony – she puts her own personal touch with silky and fluid materials for her line: tops, trousers, dresses, tunics and shirts with solid colors. Women connect with the refined and functional creations of Melvine. To accompany them, she has created accessories, bags and jewelry – simple and yet sophisticated.

Nyaman Group