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Bali Live International Jazz Festival 2015

Nyaman Group Indonesia-Blog Bali jazz festival 2015

The Island of the Gods will host for the second time this amazing Jazz event!

The main event is on Sunday 15th March from 4pm to 12am at Taman Bhagawan, Nusa Dua, featuring Tulus, Indra Lesmana & Maurice Brown, Nita Aartsen (Vac), Tri Utami, Jim Larkin, Fantuzzi and Dice. (Tickets IDR. 250,000 Pre Sale and more on the door).

Book your tickets here and check out Facebook and Twitter for updated into of the Bali Live International Jazz festival 2015.

Are you planning to stay in a gorgeous villa with pool in Bali?

Nyaman Group Indonesia-Bali villas for rent-villas Chocolat Villas Chocolat Bali Seminyak

The stunning Villas Chocolat offer amazing private pool areas

Each of the 4 luxury Villas Chocolat (2, 5, 6 and 8 bedrooms) provides a spacious pool area in a lush tropical garden.
You will enjoy reading a book on a sun bed under the shade of palm trees, drinking a fresh fruit cocktail by the pool or having a Balinese massage in the comfort of a traditional gazebo.
Explore the warm atmosphere of Villas Chocolat on www.villachocolatbali.com


Nyaman Group - dive cruise in Komodo National Park - amazing islands during your cruise

Sail to a fantastic diving destination in Flores, Indonesia

Our cruise boat is waiting for you, come dive into the wonderful waters of Komodo!

With the possibility to accommodate up to seven passengers, the vessel has three air-conditioned cabins, including a master cabin with a double bed and an en suite shower room with WC, a second cabin with two single beds and a third one with a double bed and a single bed. Every cabin offers a private en suite bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. The boat’s after deck with bar and kitchen / dining area is the ideal place to enjoy succulent Indonesian meals and share memorable al fresco evenings in the Komodo National Park, while the large foredeck with its removable awning is ideal for relaxing in the shade. Everything has been designed to make your Komodo cruise aboard unforgettable, to the tiniest detail. The Perjuangan Komodo liveaboard boat will carry you in safety and comfort to a heavenly destination in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. Our luxury charter boat sails in the famous National Park of Komodo in Flores, a UNESCO World Heritage and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Our Komodo cruises and diving cruises offer a selection of many destinations across the Indonesian waters and a range of onboard activities to guarantee you the holiday of a lifetime in this beautifully unspoiled park with, among other things, the chance to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Komodo Dragon on Dragon Island (Pulau Komodo). Keep in mind that we also offer diving cruises to discover many amazing diving spots of the Komodo National Park.


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Maurice M (visited in December 2013) :

«A wonderful cruise in Sunda Islands. A genuine and typical boat, with spacious cabins, air conditioning, showers, WC and comfortable bedding.
At the vessel’s bow, there is a large relaxation area with armchairs and sofas to improve the comfort and the pleasure of the passengers during the navigation.
At the first floor, we can find the dining room to enjoy the delicious meals made by the very good cook.»



Nyaman Group - dive cruise in Komodo National Park -Perjuangan boat cruise and diving

Enjoy an exclusive accommodation aboard Perjuangan and navigate through the Komodo National Park

Our beautiful and traditional Indonesian boat has been made for you!

With 3 spacious teak cabins, our cruise boat Perjuangan is able to comfortably welcome up to 7 passengers on board. Sun lovers will be happy on the large sun-deck which is also the perfect place in the evening to sip delicious cocktails while contemplating breathtaking panoramas.

Nyaman Group wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Nyaman group Indonesia-Happy Chinese new year 2015

WHY INVEST IN FLORES: Flores Island presents attractive investment opportunities

Amazing spider rice fields in Ruteng, Flores

The “Island of Flowers” is a magic place to make your dreams come true

As one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, Flores is the main gate of the fascinating Komodo National Park, which is one of the new 7 UNESCO natural wonders. The island of Flores attracts more and more visitors, who are seduced by the beauty and the richness of this often-unknown island. Indeed, here they can marvel at the world’s most exotic underwater life, dive with dolphins, turtles and majestic manta rays, swim in pristine lakes and waterfalls, explore traditional villages, have a rest on a pure white or pink sand beach, and discover the prehistoric Komodo dragons in its last natural habitat.

Furthermore, Flores is becoming a unique destination with a high economic growth, which offers attractive investor opportunities. Moreover, the fast development of the economy is strongly support by the government. Thanks to huge investments, there are a lot of new infrastructures, such as the Labuan Bajo’s Airport, which connects the island and Bali. In addition, it will provide soon new direct flights from Singapore, Jakarta and even more from Australia. This is the reason why a lot of Indonesians and expatriates have already bought a piece of paradise in Flores.


Nyaman Group Indonesia - Diving Cruise Indonesia - amazing diving in Sulawesi Bunaken

Ready for immediate boarding to diver’s paradise?

Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes, is situated between Borneo and the Maluku Islands. It is one of the main islands of Indonesia and the 11th largest island in the world. Its four sprawling peninsulas give this island over 6,000 km of coastline.
Sulawesi, surrounded by rich seas with large habitats of coral reefs, has a remarkable coastal marine life. These habitats are home to hawksbill, leatherback and green sea turtles, as well as dugongs and six of the world’s seven giant clam species.

Bunaken National Marine Park and its world-famous island Bunaken, located at the northern tip of Sulawesi, are often quoted amongst the world’s top 10 dive destinations. It also ranks among the best snorkeling destinations in the world with a rare combination of crystal clear water with visibility up to 40 metes and a high level of marine biodiversity mainly due to the oceanic currents.

the Nyaman Group Package: a stay in a Villa in Bali and a Cruise in the Komodo National Park

Nyaman Group Indonesia-Bali villas for rent-Nyaman Villas Bali 2 bedrooms

Start by relaxing in an beautiful villa in Bali and get to know the famous Island of the Gods

With Nyaman Group, you have the opportunity to experience Indonesia like never before: you start your holiday by relaxing and enjoying your time in one of our amazing private villas in Seminyak, where you’ll find everything you need a few minutes away: beautiful beaches, fashion stores, local craft shops, quality restaurants and bars. We include in our package the following tours to Bali’s most unmistakable places: a day tour in Ubud, with driver and guide that will take you to the best sites and restaurants of the area. You will walk through the Tegalalang rice fields and marvel at the nature before stopping for a fresh coconut juice and a tremendous sunset, then head back to your villa. On your second tour, a few days later, you will see one of the most famous temples of Bali: the Uluwatu temple, an absolutely impressive religious site that is standing above a steep cliff, from where you can gaze at the gigantic ocean below. After witnessing the traditional Kecak dance, we end our tour with a great seafood diner on Jimbaran beach, one of Bali’s most beautiful and peaceful beaches, while admiring the sunset…

Nyaman Group Indonesia-package villa in Bali and cruise in the Komodo National Park

Explore the Komodo National Park with your loved ones

After living an interesting mix between relaxing and discovery of the Island, you will land in one of the world’s most incredible places: the Komodo National Park, aboard the Perjuangan, our liveaboard cruise ship that we proudly introduce to you. You will be one of the very few to explore the Komodo National Park on a traditional Indonesian boat, with your friends or family, doing only what you want: scuba diving with a dedicated instructor, snorkeling along the coral reefs, go trekking on Rinca or Komodo to observe the famous Dragons, enjoy the delicious meals prepared by our chef on board, or simply read a book on the deck and get a taste of heaven!
If you’re looking to catch a break from your routine, and live a holiday you’ll remember forever, then you should definitely try out our packages villa in Bali and liveaboard Komodo cruise on the Perjuangan. We will be happy to make you dream!

Rediscover your thirst for adventure in the island of Sumatra

Nyaman group Indonesia-Diving cruise Indonesia- destination Sumatra

Experience an unexplored paradise

As the second largest island of the Greater Sunda Islands, Sumatra is a unique and stunning place of warm people and natural wonders. You will be amazed by one of the richest fauna and flora. Indeed, Sumatra is covered by luxurious tropical rain-forests with a large range of vegetation, which hosts a wide variety of species.
Sumatra is also located in the coral triangle, which holds 75% of all the world’s species of coral and attracts numerous  fish and marine mammals, such as the graceful Manta Rays and the mysterious Mola Mola.
This island has a prolific and wonderful marine life and a great array of diversity just waiting to be discovered. If you are a wildlife lover, Sumatra will be the perfect place for you.

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