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Savor the luxury you deserve at the Teatro Gastrothèque

Savour the luxury you deserve at the Teatro GastrothèqueThe kitchen of the best chef in Bali 2011!
Located in the heart of Bali’s best dining destination, Teatro Gastrothèque opened its doors in Seminyak to offer sophisticated tastes mixed from Asian and French cuisine. Using fresh products choosen in the early morning market, all the courses look like a sweet poesy. Everyday, Mr Warokka, the Chef Patron, Maxie Millian, the new Chef Executive, and their team, create an unique tasting experience with passion. They will offer you an authentic flavour made with quality. You will not be disappointed by the creativity and the savors of all the gourmet dishes. Let yourself be tempted by Teatro Gastrothèque!

Nyaman Gallery & Boutique

Nyaman Boutique and Gallery

‘Nyaman’ means comfortable in Indonesian.

Nyaman Boutique came to life from the love of garments that depict comfort and elegance. As simplicity becomes harder and harder to find in this busy bustling world, Nyaman Boutique is committed to bring it back.

Nothing compliment sleek garments like a good range of accessories. For this very reason, the boutique also displays a collection of sophisticated silver jewelries, all handmade by Balinese artisans. Then came along the treasures, the wonderful sculptures and stylish home ware.   

With the growth of the merit, in February 2015, Nyaman Boutique`s artistic sister was born, resonating similar light.

Nyaman Gallery is a gentle and tasteful rebel. With one foot gracefully out of the box, it represents a handful of carefully selected artists with very unique and different styles. The gallery is also housing a collection of handmade treasures from around Indonesia.     

Enjoy the peace and the tranquility of Lovina!

Enjoy the calm of Lovina!In the north of Bali, Lovina is a peaceful seaside resort: its wide black sand beach and its crystal blue water will make you fall in love with this outstanding area of the island. Less touristic than the south beaches, Lovina is perfect for swim with its quiet waters and its friendly and family atmosphere. The great beach is also known for its daily sunrises and sunsets, which are quit spectacular! Above all, if you are a snorkeling enthusiast or a dolphins lover, this is the place to spend your retreat on the island of Gods.

Explore Bali with NyamanGroup and discover the secrets of Lovina!

Nyaman Group