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Easter in Bali


We wish you a Happy Easter !!

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Celebrating Easter in Bali might sound a little strange since the island’s population is mostly Hindu.

Yet, the Balinese have always been renowned for their religious tolerance toward people of other faiths.

For centuries, the Balinese Hindu population has lived side by side with Muslim and Christian. Therefore, when their Christian brothers/sisters as they called them, observe their religious holidays like Christmas and Easter, the Balinese also warmly welcome them.

An Indonesian dinner cooked specially for you

indonesian dinner

Among numerous privileges you can get from Nyaman Privilege Member Club, the Indonesian dinner will certainly attempted you. What a nice experience to discover Indonesian food especially enjoying it in your private villa. Our staff will prepare you a fantastic meal that you can ever imagine with some Balinese tastes. With your family or friends, even with your beloved for a romantic dinner in our Nyaman Villas or Villa Chocolat in Seminyak, Bali.

Happy Silent Day in Bali

Nyepi silent day Bali

On 9th of March we celebrated in Bali Nyepi or Silent Day which marks the Balinese New Year. Actually, on the balinese calendar we are right now in 1939. Before celebrating Nyepi, there are some procession especially the day before during the Ogoh Ogoh when Balinese people parade with big awful and terrifying characters around main streets. This ceremony happened just before the silent day which supposed everybody must stay at home and keep the light off. During this special day, you can enjoy staying quiet with your relatives and doing nothing. Moreover, since any light must be turned on, you may contemplate stars at night, you can get a wonderful and clear view of all constellations. Furthermore, Nyepi 2016 was different because of the solar eclipse which occurred at 7:20 am. For lucky ones who bought some special glasses they could watch it without any damage.

Refresh you in Villa Chocolat swimming pool

dive swimming pool villa chocolat



Life in Bali can be really hard with warm and strong sunshines. Resist to such a hot weather might be unbearable for those who are not used to live with this kind of temperature. Hopefully, sea is always near in Seminyak or if you are luckiest a private swimming pool will wait you in a Villa as this one in Villa Chocolat. Indeed, what a good deal than spend few days in Bali with friends or family in a villa.

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