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Artworks by Quint.


Showcasing Bali-based emerging local artists as well as uniquely talented and carefully curated international ones, Nyaman Gallery celebrates the diversity of arts, where the East engages with the West.

One of the gallery’s representing artists is Quint, a quiet young man from Jakarta, who was not born into an artistic family yet chosen by art. Originally enrolled in design school, at a point, he discovered the exhilaration and freedom of making art in public spaces.

Quint’s street art has fascinated passers-by along back alleys of Kuta and bustling streets of Seminyak. Each piece carries a message of love and features monochromatic, feminine figures flashing witty gestures.

Stay Low Valentina, Quint. 2017

For Nyaman Gallery, Quint’s artworks capture the spirit of street art – and his signature maidens on canvas.

Read more about the artist Here or visit our contemporary art gallery in Seminyak, Bali.


Geisha by JEAN-MICHEL AUCLER in Nyaman Gallery

“He is in love with life. His work is a true reflection of a dreamer, who never stops conjuring tricks with painting, colors and shapes. He is the conjurer of the soul.”

– Marie-Helene Grinfeder –

A former photographer turned painter, Jean-Michel Aucler`s deep love and passion for Asia, particularly Thailand, serve as a continued source of inspiration. Large displays of colors co-exists with vibrant lines on crumpled paper, symbolizing the artist`s inherent sense of harmony and balance.

Aucler`s work is both provocative and delicate, enchanting you into a dichotomy of the primeval and civilized worlds.

Aucler is a French artist who alternates his life and work in France with frequent travels to Asia, especially to Thailand and the island of Bali.

Inspired by his extensive travels, Aucler`s work forms a bridge between the Eastern and Western traditions.


Yoga Raharja's Photograph
Yoga Raharja’s Photograph

Yoga Raharja was born and raised in Semarang, the capital or Central Java, and moved to the Island of the Gods after completing his formal education in 1995. He became interested in photography in 2005, when he began capturing images with an amateur pocket camera. Within a year, his hobby evolved into a lifelong passion. Yoga purchased his first SLR to delve deeper into the creative world of photography, and he has never looked back.

Nyaman Gallery is celebrating its first year

Nyaman Gallery , Seminyak, is celebrating its first year on Valentine`s Day. Time flies when you are having fun. We have grown so much and would like to thank everyone for the amazing love and support.

Nyaman Gallery is proudly presenting the work of YOKII, Quint, L. Fauzi, Jean-Michel Aucler, Irene Hoff, Yoga Raharja, Evgeny Bam, Stephan Kotas, Gus Till and BunnyBone. Each one carrying unique style and different vibes.

Come visit to enjoy a collection of passionately curated artworks from these local and international artists, and join the fun!



Stephan Kotas

unnamed (4)

Stephan Kotas started photography as a way to document his love of traveling.

Originally from Prague, the Indonesian speaking photographer loves to challenge himself with complicated shooting sessions such as finding a difficult location, playing with effects and arranging intricate sets of costume and make up.


Nyaman Gallery & Boutique

Nyaman Boutique and Gallery

‘Nyaman’ means comfortable in Indonesian.

Nyaman Boutique came to life from the love of garments that depict comfort and elegance. As simplicity becomes harder and harder to find in this busy bustling world, Nyaman Boutique is committed to bring it back.

Nothing compliment sleek garments like a good range of accessories. For this very reason, the boutique also displays a collection of sophisticated silver jewelries, all handmade by Balinese artisans. Then came along the treasures, the wonderful sculptures and stylish home ware.   

With the growth of the merit, in February 2015, Nyaman Boutique`s artistic sister was born, resonating similar light.

Nyaman Gallery is a gentle and tasteful rebel. With one foot gracefully out of the box, it represents a handful of carefully selected artists with very unique and different styles. The gallery is also housing a collection of handmade treasures from around Indonesia.     


Nyaman Gallery

Nyaman Gallery represents both local and international artists, all carefully selected and uniquely talented.

The gallery understands that art does not necessarily get along with quickness. Time and patience are needed to nurture creative growth and progress. And only by this way we can truly see the hidden gem of an artistic mind. Carrying this consciousness, the gallery sustains an exclusive, familial long term relationship with its artists.

‘Nyaman’ means cozy or comfortable in Indonesian. It is the axis of the gallery, the feel irradiated to the audience the moment they step in the space. The gallery believes that art is literally in everything, in every detail. To be able to see and enjoy it, one needs to be in a centered and easeful state, for he/she will need to be aware of his/her surroundings.  Therefore, one needs to feel “nyaman”. Feeling comfortable also will help the audience to accept the intrigues and strong impacts the art often projects.

Nyaman Gallery combines modern and traditional vibes, exhibiting an eclectic range of artworks: from street art and urban photography to traditional sculptures, from enchanting glass works to homemade silver jewelries. 

Nyaman Gallery also provides consulting in scenography and interior design.


Nyaman Group Indonesia - Nyaman Art Gallery - Our amazing artist Yokii

You may have seen his whimsical stencils on the street corners of Bali. This upcoming and talented street artist is a hidden gem, definitely not someone you`ll meet every day. Nyaman Gallery is honored to be hosting a good range of his latest works on various mediums.

Stencil art needs a great deal of patience and precision. By now, Quint is experienced in beautifying walls under serious pressures. He has been through early morning police raids and gun points in Japan. The result is his artworks all over the world`s main cities such as Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Jakarta.


YOKII Doors Photograph in Nyaman Gallery
YOKII Doors Photograph

Impressive, different and inspiring, this is how Nyaman Gallery defines his artworks. YOKII is known for his aggressive experimentations and innovations, combining art and mad science. His expertise is to apply advance techniques such as screen-printing, air-brushing, stenciling and hand painting on various mediums from fabrics to plywoods. 

Recently, YOKII and partner, Bunny Bone, created a striking 9 meter wall art for a VIP domestic lounge in Ngurah Rai International Airport. The impressive artwork captures the visual impact of Bali`s old soul through a modern eye, mixing fast and slow, natural and industrial, in a very personal way.

YOKII is also a clothing line, designed and handmade by the artist himself.



Little Flower Warrior by Bunnybone in Nyaman Gallery
Little Flower Warrior by Bunnybone

A new-born to the art world, Bunny Bone only started to seriously draw three years ago. Nyaman Gallery spotted the soft yet wild femininity in her drawings and took her under its wings.

The girls come with fragile features and elusively erotic. The eyes are piercing calmly. Each character is alluring yet distantly mysterious.

Today Bunny Bone is exploring different styles and techniques, as can be seen in her impetuously serious flirtation with colors, positive and negative space and more complex compositions. An artistic journey is clearly well on the way and Nyaman Gallery would like to share it with you.

Nyaman Group