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Nyaman Group

Nyaman Group


Nature gives the best color inspiration.

Nyaman Boutique proudly presents an elegant collection inspired by the colors of nature.

Head to the website www.nyamanboutiquebali.com or explore more collection on Instagram @nyamanboutique

Nyaman Gallery & Boutique

Nyaman Boutique and Gallery

‘Nyaman’ means comfortable in Indonesian.

Nyaman Boutique came to life from the love of garments that depict comfort and elegance. As simplicity becomes harder and harder to find in this busy bustling world, Nyaman Boutique is committed to bring it back.

Nothing compliment sleek garments like a good range of accessories. For this very reason, the boutique also displays a collection of sophisticated silver jewelries, all handmade by Balinese artisans. Then came along the treasures, the wonderful sculptures and stylish home ware.   

With the growth of the merit, in February 2015, Nyaman Boutique`s artistic sister was born, resonating similar light.

Nyaman Gallery is a gentle and tasteful rebel. With one foot gracefully out of the box, it represents a handful of carefully selected artists with very unique and different styles. The gallery is also housing a collection of handmade treasures from around Indonesia.     


Nyaman Group Indonesia - Nyaman Art Gallery - state of art

Bring a traditional souvenir from your trip in Bali or simply add a personal touch to your interior!

If you visit Nyaman Boutique, you will also be able to find numerous decorative or traditional items from Indonesia: Buddha statues, traditional parasols, figurines, candles, incense burners…
Just add a small Balinese touch to your home which will always remind you of your amazing stay on the Island of the Gods!


Nyaman Group - Nyaman boutique Bali

Enjoy the simplicity and elegance of Melvine’s clothing line

If you are going shopping in the streets of Seminyak, Nyaman Boutique is definitely a place you should not miss. The recently opened store offers a great selection of refined clothing, jewelry and decorative objects. To create her clothing line, Melvine Amar drew inspiration from her favorite outfits, which she transformed into timeless creations. Her whole line is based on simplicity, elegance and comfort – Nyaman in Indonesian.

Nyaman boutique jewelry collection

Nyaman Group - Nyaman boutique Bali - jewelry

Nyaman boutique beach bags and pouches

Nyaman Group - Nyaman boutique Bali - beach bags and pouches

Nyaman boutique bags and accessories

Nyaman Group - Nyaman boutique Bali - bags and accessories

Nyaman boutique, more bags….

Nyaman Group - Nyaman boutique Bali - more bags

Nyaman Boutique Bali

Nyaman Group-Nyaman boutique in Seminyak
Nyaman Group – Nyaman boutique in Seminyak – Bali

It was very spontaneously and in the line of the Nyaman Villas that Melvine recently opened the Nyaman Boutique in which she displays her clothing line, leather goods and jewelry.
Melvine, passionate about interior design, has decorated it entirely. She has also been assisted by the Indonesian painter Fauzi who produced a fresco on the ground depicting a hot air balloon floating in the air – an artwork that every customer takes a picture of! By using the values of the Nyaman brand – serenity and harmony – she puts her own personal touch with silky and fluid materials for her line: tops, trousers, dresses, tunics and shirts with solid colors. Women connect with the refined and functional creations of Melvine. To accompany them, she has created accessories, bags and jewelry – simple and yet sophisticated.

Nyaman Group