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Nyaman Villas & Villa Chocolat Featured on Colours Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine, Oct 2019

Nyaman Villas and Villa Chocolat as seen on Colours Magazine, Garuda Indonesia’s Inflight magazine October 2019 Issue.


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Nyaman Gallery, Featured on NOW! Bali Magazine

Feature on Now! Bali Magazine, October 2019 issue.

“…It’s a great pleasure to us all when a visitor establishes a connection with a work in our collection. Their response, however, often goes beyond their willingness to purchase art…Some wish to collaborate with our artists on projects and design concepts,” said Melvine Amar, the founder and curator of Nyaman Gallery.


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Bali & BeyondMagazine

“Nyaman” actually means “cozy” or “comfortable”, and Nyaman Gallery has successfully created a cozy space for art
enthusiasts to enjoy the island’s contemporary art. Located in the heart of Seminyak, Nyaman Gallery is not only displaying paintings, photographs and sculpture, but also presenting Balinese jewelry and more. The gallery works closely with Indonesian and international artists to present the best of their creations. Nyaman Gallery also welcomes guests who seek for consultations on interior design and scenography.



JV Magazine, a French-Belgian Lifestyle magazine which deals with locals habits, fashion, art, decoration, tourism and upscale accommodations

“One of Nyaman villas provides a beautiful frangipanis garden and an open lounge area behind a large authentic Balinese door guarantying peacefulness to its tenants. The villas were designed by French architect and French
designer. They employed Balinese craftsmen to make a sumptuous tailored embellishment.”


Nyaman Group Indonesia - Press - NYAMAN GROUP IN MAXX-MEDIA MAGAZINE

“An exclusive hideaway situated in the heart of Seminyak”

Nyaman Group offers contemporary, spacious, functional villas have been designed to offer the highest comfort and the best amenities for a luxury stay.”
Maxx-media is a premium monthly publication in its class that focuses on the best ultra-luxury accommodations, high-end restaurants, lavish spa and first-class travel and hospitality around Asia and the Pacific. Since the magazine’s inception, they have consistently and reliably brought to readers not only the best premium establishments but also in-depth comprehensive analysis of the entire spectrum of the hospitality and travel industry. They dissect individual elements of luxury accommodations or upscale dining and report what makes a particular establishment special in the eyes of our readers. Maxx-media is distributed to upscale shopping malls 5-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, premium spas, airports, 5-star hotels and luxury villas in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong-Kong and Jakarta.

Luxury and charm in Bali – Voyager Luxe

Nyaman Group Indonesia - Press - Voyager Luxe part 1

Getaway in Indonesia: destination Bali with Nyaman Villas

The charms of Bali have long justified the nickname “Paradise on Earth”. The island has undergone some outrages due to the expansion of tourism and the exaltation of some … but Bali still holds many pleasures, such as the new Nyaman Villas and Villas Chocolat

Voyager Luxe – the Nyaman Villas Experience continues

Nyaman Group Indonesia - Press - Voyager Luxe part 2

A brand new address, in the south of Bali

The enchanting Bali is not finished yet making us dream and frequent travelers, treasure hunters, “scouts” and pioneers of all kinds may have walked the Earth or accumulate tons of miles on their loyalty program, many agree that Bali remains one of the most beautiful islands in the world. But when you are looking for tranquility, to appreciate all its charms, you need to able to avoid the crowds of the most popular places on the island, stay away from the hustle and bustle of seasonal surfers… We think we have discovered a new address that seems to keep that promise… spacious and bare rooms.

It is south of Bali, walking down a private wooded path that you will discover them, in a privileged environment in the heart of one of the most popular area of Seminyak and not too far away from tourist centers in the very exclusive residential district of Oberoi. The Collection of Nyaman Villas and Villas Chocolat, born from the creative inspiration of Stephan Rimini, Interior Designer and Melvine Amar, his Ambassador managing the institution awaits, with the impatience of the new comer and the will to make a name by complying with all your requirements. Garden and swimming pool(s) for each villa.

Voyager Luxe – Comfort and elegance are at the core of Nyaman Villas’ feeling

Nyaman Group Indonesia - Press - Voyager Luxe part 3

The sight and smell…

The Nyaman Villas and Villas Chocolat are nestled in the heart of a lush and fragrant landscaped garden. The omnipresence of noble and silky materials: leather, linen and velvet seem harmoniously married with exotic wood with silver highlights and soft, velvety tones, taupe, beige, mastic, honey and ivory, inviting the pleasure of the senses and serenity. Each living space is generously bathed in a light that is discreetly sieved at dusk, giving another dimension to the sacred representations and craft works of the archipelago which discreetly enriches the space. Bathrooms in and out.

Generous and private spaces

Heavy carved antique doors open onto open-air villas, each with a spacious living room overlooking the private garden where you can enjoy a traditional Balinese dinner or your breakfast. The fully equipped kitchen adds to the comfort of the villas. The light flooded rooms and master suites -25m² average- invite you to dream. Again the marriage of exotic essences and cushions in hues of honey and ivory… The lounge overlooks the private pool where you can cool off with a cocktail of exotic fruit between dives. Bathrooms finally have an outdoor shower and a beautiful terrazzo bathtub where you can see the plants run along the walls and waving in the breeze. Dining room open to the outside.

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