Perjuangan boat komodo diving and cruise-liveaboard indonesia-amazing landscape in Komodo National Park

Live a lifetime experience aboard our traditional cruise ship in the Komodo National Park

The cruise boat Perjuangan can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers on board. Our tailored liveaboard cruises in Komodo offer the unique opportunity to select and do your favorite activities in the most beautiful waters of Indonesia: free diving, snorkeling, diving… You will be navigated through the famous Komodo National Park, in the Lesser Sunda Islands, a gorgeous Indonesian archipelago which draws its beauty from the exceptional fauna and flora that it hosts. Aboard of this traditional Indonesian boat, you will discover unforgettable places through the amazing landscapes of the Island of Komodo, thanks to an authentic and fascinating cruise. With a multitude of white sandy beaches and heavenly clear blue water, the Komodo Island is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable holiday. Sailing across the Komodo and Rinca islands, the only place in the world where you can find the famous dragon of Komodo, the Perjuangan boat will give you the chance to discover a single and gorgeous World Heritage, which has kept its nature and authenticity untouched.