MatchVIP: Southern Africa’s Premier Matchmaking Provider Delivers a Bespoke Approach That Can Help Clients Navigate Their Way to Lasting Interactions

The Quick variation: At MatchVIP, it is all about assisting career-minded South Africans form lasting, worthwhile relationships through a practical method to matchmaking. The goal of the agency’s President, Shannon Davidoff, and her group is to be their clients’ close friends, grab the anxiety outside of the matchmaking procedure, and also make it the fun […]

The Quick variation: At MatchVIP, it is all about assisting career-minded South Africans form lasting, worthwhile relationships through a practical method to matchmaking. The goal of the agency’s President, Shannon Davidoff, and her group is to be their clients’ close friends, grab the anxiety outside of the matchmaking procedure, and also make it the fun experience it needs to be. Through a selective vetting procedure, MatchVIP is able to find the correct matches for the ideal individuals, and since their beginning, the organization provides connected singles at a near-70percent success rate.


If an easy-breezy lesbian cougar dating environment exists anywhere in the world, chances are good a committed entrepreneur would have already created a thriving company around destination vacation bundles into locale. From the world-class cooking and oceanfront views of Cape city to the sand-whipped dunes of Kalahari, Southern Africa seems to have the components required to cook upwards a recipe for love.

But South African pros face exactly the same challenges just like the remaining globe when considering locating love. Busy schedules and an elementary lack of understanding where to look have left many career-minded Southern Africans wondering the best place to seek out find their particular special someone. Luckily for us, expert matchmaker Shannon Davidoff and her company MatchVIP attended with a response.

As a well regarded matchmaker and internet dating coach, Shannon has over a decade of experience during the connection room and it has assisted several thousand singles satisfy their unique forever partners. The group at MatchVIP runs aided by the objective to do something as a best buddy into the clients it acts, generating matchmaking a personable knowledge.

In the end, Shannon seeks to encourage her consumers to enact genuine improvement in their schedules. Its a procedure that starts with introspection and private growth that puts them on a path to making choices that end up in fulfilling relationships.

And, as Shannon told you, her personalized method has actually resulted in a near-70% rate of success.

“you might not end up being alone if you do this correct,” she mentioned. “Know this! Feel this! Be loveable, and really love will find you.”

Personalized solutions for Relationship-Seeking Singles

Shannon saw online dating as a continually changing landscaping when she ventured in soon after her husband’s passing. Together with her very first relationship ending in split up, Shannon was not a stranger to flawed connections. But, as soon as she discovered to navigate the online dating scene by herself, she understood she may help others perform some exact same.

She founded the business best Partners in 2005, and it also turned out to be highly profitable. She built a team and trained them to analyze every member on an individual amount. For Shannon, it was not about just one single meeting. Fairly, she viewed the matchmaking process as a journey both the client and matchmaker set about with each other — strategizing, collaborating, and seeking at potential suits as a group.

At Ideal Partners, Shannon honed the viewpoint and toolset she would in the course of time bring to MatchVIP. The woman procedure went efficiently, and customers were extremely satisfied with the outcomes the coaches had been delivering. Singles were beating obstacles, such low self-esteem and self-sabotaging behaviors, and had been locating the life and love they deserved.

Due to this success, Shannon chose to branch out to assist a bigger share of singles. Thus, in 2016, she ordered away the woman greatest opponent, MatchVIP. She retained their branding, but she introduced the woman knowledge and approach along with her with the agency. And, as Shannon noted, the vast singles database she had collected also came along for your journey. Today, her work made MatchVIP a caring, private matchmaking solution centered on satisfying their customers’ union targets.

Establishing the Bar tall With a High-Achieving Client Base

MatchVIP’s large rate of success arrives, in huge part, for the large bar ready during the selection procedure. Not only anybody can enroll in the agency.

Shannon expressed MatchVIP’s demographic as singles between the years of 25 and 65 that genuine, real, and dedicated to discovering love. They truly are multicultural and multi-denominational, but, based on Shannon, all members must meet up with the primary criteria.

“All of our users tend to be financially steady and often when you look at the administrator class,” she said. “These awesome singles are typically individuals with short amount of time to scout by yourself, favor extreme uniqueness when selecting social engagements, and call for the best privacy.”

A lot of MatchVIP clients tend to be novices trying to settle down or start more than after a passing or divorce or separation, Shannon mentioned. She also mentioned a lot of singles who turn-to MatchVIP have large IQs and psychological cleverness degrees.

“numerous clients have made an aware decision to allow really love see them by being positively social and meeting all recommended potentials,” she said. “appeal stays an eternal secret, but if you have got your approach or game plan, you can use what you find.”

Especially, MatchVIP’s requirements can be remarkable as its service. Consumers tend to be fit, healthy, gainfully employed, financially sound, emotionally stable, and separate. A sincere principles method is also essential to guarantee everyone is given esteem and ethics.

Expanded Coaching Directs you to definitely the very best Prospective Mates

Most clients choose the Gold account, which can last for 12 months and consists of 20 high quality introductions (10 which are guaranteed to happen in the most important 3 months).

Your own matchmaker will create your own personal approach according to the character, goals, in addition to characteristics you are considering in a partner. It is also a rather personal service as all clients have actually a devoted consultant together with them each step of method to optimize their unique likelihood of achievements — also it indicates a little useful critique.

Highly-trained and knowledgeable really love mentors are accessible to customers once they require professional advice for certain scenarios. These coaches are also available before starting the procedure when you yourself have an ex in order to get over or need help with interaction, self-worth, or just about any other conditions that might impact building an excellent union.

MatchVIP offers an Executive browse Package for affluent people, time-challenged entrepreneurs, plus celebs. This bundle is fantastic for very discerning consumers shopping for specific attributes in a prospective lover. Those people who are looking a partner in places outside Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban may benefit using this package also.

MatchVIP: customer reviews Boast High triumph Rates

Under Shannon’s alert attention, MatchVIP boasts a 67percent success rate, and that’s amazing when you look at the matchmaking industry. Most outcomes occur within months of getting started.

One MatchVIP client thought online dating ended up being not some thing she could carry out until she joined MatchVIP.

“After happening a few first times, I understood we wasn’t proficient at this,” she stated. “MatchVIP proposed time training. What an excellent experience! I discovered a whole lot about my self, how I must provide me, the best place to meet men, and the ways to communicate with all of them.”

“thanks for offering me the nerve to not be afraid of not known because there are a lot more truthful individuals on the market than dishonest types.” — a pleasurable MatchVIP client

Another MatchVIP client discovered the ability offered the lady an innovative new perspective regarding the goodness of others.

“I found myself some concerned about whether a matchmaker would merely string me along or not,” she mentioned. “Thank you for giving me the courage to not end up being afraid associated with unidentified since there are more honest men and women available to choose from than unethical ones.”

Shannon is actually excited to create her expertise to the UK and Austrailia shortly to teach brand-new team members on her key to achievements.

“I have a structure called the Five levels of Dating,” she stated. “we intend to launch it with the brand-new internet site. Look for an innovative and worldwide way of online dating.”