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A peacefull trip in Ubud to discover the wonderfull nature and culture of Bali

Ubud is 1h driving from Seminyak area. Going there for few days will be relaxing and will amaze you through a natural peaceful surrounding lot with lot of trees, rice-fields, and green landscapes. 


What to do during your stay in Ubud ?

  1. Relax & disconnect 

First of all, Ubud is the perfect place to connect to nature and to relax. You can enjoy staying in a luxury hotel or villa and spend some hours in a spa to get a full body massage. You should also try some yoga lessons to feel totally relaxed and feel lighter than ever. 

2. A day for the temple

While you are in Ubud, you have to visit the many temples around the area,

Tirta Empul, the fountain temple, you can assist and proceed to a religious ceremony in the water of the fountain of this temple, in the religion and spirits, the water of the fountain purify you. The color, the atmosphere and the traditional ceremony give a true sense to this temple, it is a must see during your trip.

Pura Taman Saraswati, this temple is absolutely amazing, this temple surrounded of lotus and designed in the traditional Balinese architecture is really easy to access and will for sure amazed you.

   3. The Nature of Ubud

Ubud is world famous for its connection with nature. In the list, we count at least 3 main points to discover in Ubud, the rice terrace and their amazing color, the hidden waterfalls and the monkey forest.

– Tegalagang rice terrace is one of the most known and amazing rice terraces of Bali, you can rent a scooter from Ubud center or ask a guide to bring you there to discover this beauty.

– Tegenungan Waterfall is in the area, spend to few hours, time to get their, to enjoy the nature and swim in clear water.

– The Monkey forest, an amazing place with big trees, connected to the nature, and full of monkey, with time they have been used to the human presence. So they can be docile or more aggressive in order to get some food or water from you. You have to pay attention, but it is truly refreshing to see the apes in freedom and in a natural environment.

To learn more about our services and request us for a customize luxury travel experience in Indonesia, contact us directly at : marketingnyamangroup@gmail.com or click here 

Komodo National Park & Komodo Dragons

The Komodo National Park is a real natural treasure in Indonesia. 

From Bali you can directly fly to Flores, Labuan Bajo in a local city and embark in daily cruise or longer trips to discover the Komodo National Park and its nature.

Either Submarine life, lonely island, and incredible landscape will let you voiceless. During your journey in the Komodo National Park you will meet the famous Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat directly arrived from the prehistoric period ! Book your trip with www.diving-cruise-indonesia.com & discover a fleet of luxury vessels.

If you like trekking, snorkeling, diving, fishing & fish hunting, the Komodo National Park is made for you !


To learn more about our services and request us for a customize luxury travel experience in Indonesia, contact us directly at : marketingnyamangroup@gmail.com or click here 

Your Bali Trip by Nyaman Group – Experience travelling in Indonesia like never before

You plan to spend your next holidays in Bali ? You wish to see and enjoy the best experiences in Indonesia ? Nyaman Group and its travel expert team give you their reckons & tips !

The Nyaman Journey in Indonesia 

After long hours of flight, the best is to take some relaxing time in Seminyak and enjoy the vibrant neighborhood.
Staying in a hideaway paradise in the heart of Seminyak in luxury Villas is your best option. Nyaman Villas & Villa Chocolat, are peaceful places with all the comfort you need to start your holidays the best way.

While you stay in this paradise accommodation, you can enjoy many restaurants around the area and go for day trips to discover Tanah Lot & its famous temple or Uluwatu at the south of the island. After day trips, you can enjoy the crazy night life of Bali in the famous clubs of Seminyak & Kuta

After have spending one week in Seminyak, do some day trips around the area, enjoy spa time directly in the villa, take some hours to go to the Seminyak Market & do some shopping in Oberoi & Petitenget. Don’t forget to go to the Nyaman Boutique and to visit the famous Nyaman Art Gallery

Nyaman Group - Nyaman boutique Bali

Finally you can finish your stay in Seminyak by enjoying the sunset at the beach near the villa area.


To complete your experience, you can enjoy horse riding during your stay or spend some afternoon in famous beach clubs near the villas.

Nyaman Journey – Ubud – Nature & culture melting pot 

When you are travelling in Bali, you have to go to spend some days in Ubud, you have  lot of comfortable villas in the area. In Ubud, you will enjoy incredible visit of rice terraces, meet the monkey in the crazy but must to see “Monkey Forest”, and discover amazing temples..

After few days to learn deeper the balinese culture, you will probably want to have some fun and discover some view point, Nusa Penida and Nusa Islands are the closest by ferry boat, but if you have some time and want to discover & enjoy a true different experience, we advise you to take a internal flight to Labuan Bajo and discover the famous Komodo National Park aboard a traditional Phinisi Boat. With the Nyaman Boat you will sail, discover, trek & dive in the best spots of the park, and still have the comfort of a 5 star retreat. Lonely island, incredible snorkeling & diving spots, Komodo Dragons & view points will make this trip the best part of your Journey.

If you have any request and desire a truly amazing trip in Bali & Indonesia, contact us : marketingnyamangroup.com

and check our website to discover more about us and our activities.

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Bali Island of gods | Surfer Paradise – Waves for everyone

Bali, also known as the island of gods | A famous surfer meeting point !

Whether you are a pro, riding everyday and in competition, or just a traveler who always dreamed of surfing, Bali has a spot for you.

In Bali, you can find many spots with lot of different types and sizes of waves. Indeed, if you stay around Seminyak, in the famous Nyaman Villas or Villa Chocolat, you can access walking distance beginner surf spots in front of Ku De Ta, you will be able to rent a board directly on the beach. You can also choose to go to the famous Australian point spot in Kuta. The trendy spots around the area remain in Canggu, with Berawa Beach, Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, beginners waves, confirmed, longboarders, you have waves for all the tastes.

If you want to be more amazed and you trust in your skills, we recommend you to go to the Bukit, the south part of the island, under the airport, with the famous spot of Uluwatu and many more like Niang Niang Beach, Padang Padang and many more. These spots will make you ride crystal water waves on reefs.

Indonesia and especially Bali are famous for surfing, what do you wait for ? Book your stay in our Villas to be comfortably installed next to all the best spots of Bali. And when you are not surfing, enjoy shopping in the heart of Seminyak and purchase art pieces inspired by the amazing Bali surrounding in our Gallery

To have a full experience, spend some days sailing the famous Komodo national park on a traditionnal phinisi. Once you will have done that, you will wish to stay forever in Indonesia.

To discover more about the Nyaman Group it’s this way !

Indonesian Boat – The Origin of the traditional Phinisi – Nyaman Boat


The traditional Phinisi Boat 

Used for centuries as transport and cargo vessels by the locals between the different islands of the Archipelago, Indonesian Phinisi were traditionally built on the beach, with the woods coming from forests of Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

For few years now, the Indonesian Phinisi are renewed and new vessels are built to propose comfortable sailing cruise in the Indonesian water and the Indian Ocean. Keeping the traditional structure but designed as floating hotels and luxury yachts, the traditional Phinisi knows today a second life.

With several hundreds of boats sailing in Komodo, Raja Ampat and many more destinations, you can sail and discover amazing islands, reefs and diving spots through your cruise on a Phinisi.

Sailing with wales, manta ray, turtles, dolphins is possible. Many of the boats works with diving center to propose you diving cruise, discover our fleet on Diving Cruise Indonesia , expert in customized cruises in Indonesia.

From the harbor of Labuan Bajo – 1h30 of flight from Bali, you can embark on the Nyaman Boat. With its traditional Indonesia spirit, and 7 luxurious cabins, the yacht hosts up to 14 passengers to discover the Komodo National Park. The boat has been redesigned in 2016 by the famous interior designer of the Nyaman Villas, who gave the vessel the luxury atmosphere of its comfortable villas located in Bali.

Discover more about the Nyaman Group and its activities.


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